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Our flagship spice (in truth our only spice - so far) is a delicious savory rub that is traditionally inspired and filled with the charm of the deep south.  This century old recipe is made from a blend of all natural ingredients and not a single preservative goes any where near this down-home BBQ dry rub blend.   

As a born-n-bred native of Mississippi, BBQ and BBQ dry rub has been in my family and in our blood for generations.  This particular blend has been passed down since the days of Great Great Granny Virge and out of respect, fear, and just down right good taste it hasn’t been changed a single granual in all those years.  For years I’ve been fixing everything from shrimp, pork, scallops, smoked fish, brisquet, chicken and ribs with Miss Red’s.  So, now that I finally found a way to share Miss Red’s BBQ Dry Rub with all of you; I hope you all love it too.

Remember while our company may be new our blend is tried, true ... and very charmed.  So, heat up up the fire pit and ... Pour on the Charm!

Miss Red’s BBQ Dry Rub  -  Our Flagship Spice

Homemade Spice with Down Home Charm
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